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TMOP Studios Equipment List


Tape Machines:
MCI JH16/24 2" Recorder (24 and 16 track headstacks)
Ampex ATR102 2 track-refurbished by Mike Spitz/ATR Service Co. (1/2" Flux Magnetics extended frequency response and 1/4" Ampex headstacks)
Ampex 351 1/4" tube recorder
Fostex E22 1/4" 2-track

Soundcraft 1600 (36 input, 8 buss, 8 aux) with complete patch bay (modified by Pat Schneider)

Outboard Equipment:

Mic Preamps
(2) Telefunken V76S tube mic preamps
(2) Ampex MX10 tube mixer (4 mic, 2 line, 2 out)
(2) Ampex 351 tube mic pre (mono)
(2) Altec 1567A tube mixer (4 mic, 1 line, 1 out)

(2)Telefunken U83 tube compressors ('60s)
(2) ADL 1000 tube compressor (LA2A clone)
(2) Altec 436C tube compressors ('60s)
(2) dbx 160x compressor
Aphex Expander Gate (2-channel)

Roland Space Echo RE201
(2) Yamaha E1005 Analog Delay

EMT 140 Tube Plate sReverb (ca 1963)
AKG BX10 Reverb (stereo)
Fender Tube Reverb (1962)
Sansui RA500 Stereo Reverb
Pioneer 202W Reverb
Premier Tube Reverb
Lafayette Reverb

Monitor Speakers:
Quested VH2108 midfield monitors
Yamaha NS10 (original)
Tannoy PBM 6.5
Auratone 5c
Yamaha Powered Sub-Woofer

Power Amplifiers:
(2)McIntosh MC30 Tube Power Amps (mains)
(2) Hafler P3000 (headphones)
(1) Hafler P1000 (minis)
(2) Yamaha P2075 (minis)
(2) Ampex tube powered speakers
(1) SCS 2150

Neumann CMV511 Tube Microphone (Lollipop, ca early '60s)-M7, M9, M11 capsules
RCA PB90 (like 44bx) ribbon
Beyer M500 ribbon
Altec 633a Saltshaker
(4) Shure SM57
Shure Green Bullet

Demeter Tube Direct Box
ADL 100G Tube Direct Box
(2) Bob Bradshaw Reamp Boxes
Peterson 450 Strobe Tuner
Mic stands (lots)
Mic cables (lots)
TT patch cables & adaptors (lots)
Hamilton Music Stands (lots)

Tascam DA302 dual DAT recorder
Tascam 302 dual cassette recorder
HHB CDR800 CD recorder
Linn-Sondek Turntable with Grado Platinum Reference Cartridge
Marantz PMD321 CD player
(2) Aphex 124A Interface Box
UREI 1122 Phono Preamp
Fostex DP8 Digital Patchbay
Niles HDL6 Speaker Switcher
Harmon Kardon KT7001 Tuner
Sharp VC-H982 VCR
Sony 21" TV monitor

(3) 96 point tt patchbays (Mosses & Mitchell and ADC) connecting all outboard equipment and with facilities to interface all imported equipment.

Console patchbay-tt inserts to tape machine, all inputs, auxes and busses on the console

Mic Panels:
(2) 24 point xlr panels in live room terminating at control room patchbay, also including 2 separate headphone/speaker outputs.

(1) Grado RS-1 reference headphones
(1) Grado RA-1 headphone amplifier
(4) Grado SR-80 headphones
(5) Sennheiser HD202 headphones
(2) Koss Pro 4AA headphones
Simons and Custom Headphone Boxes
(1) AKG K240 headphones
(4) Fostex T20 headphones

Martin 2-17 Mahogony Acoustic Guitar (1929)
Martin D12-20 12-string acoustic (1968)
Martin D12-20 6-string with Sunrise pickup (1967)
Custom Strat with WL Van Zandt pickups, Tom Anderson neck
Custom Rosewood Tele with Seymour Duncan pickups
Mossman Acoustic Guitar (1976)
Jerry Jones 6-String Bass
Phantom Mando-Guitar
Gibson LG-0 Acoustic Guitar (1965)
Rickenbacher Lap Steel (1948)
Stringtone Tonemaster Lap Steel ('60s)

Fender Bassman (blackface)(1968)
Ampeg B15 Bass amp (15" Altec Lansing speaker)
Gibson Titan (10" speaker)(early '60s)
Gibson Skylark (8" Jensen speaker) (early '60s)
Demeter Bass Preamp

Speaker Cabinets:
Leslie 120 (wired for guitar amp input) (Jensen C12 speaker)
Fender Bassman Speaker cabinet (late 60’s vertical style) (2 Jensen C12 speakers)
Demeter 4x12 Marshall style cabinet with Celestion Greenback Reissue Speakers
Demeter Silent Speaker (with original '60's Celestion Greenback speaker)
Jensen P12N
Jensen P15
Shure VocalMaster PA columns

Guitar Effects:
Bob Bradshaw Custom Audio Electronics Pedalboard including vintage and newer compressors, delay, flanger, choruses, overdrive, T-Wah, Midboost, Demeter Tremulater, phase shifter, Fender Reverb, volume pedal, Thomas wah-wah, Rotovibe

Hammond M3 Organ with Leslie model 147 and Leslie interface pedal ('50s)
Wurlitzer Model 200 Red Electric Piano (early '70s)
Gulbranson Modified Player Piano with mandolin (tack) attachment (upright, 1920s)

Additional Services:
World-class Musicians
Equipment Rentals
Hot tub
DirecTV Satellite TV

Room Dimensions:
Live Room: 22x18 feet, with ceiling at varying heights up to 10’
Control Room: 11x18 feet with ceiling at varying heights up to 10’

Located in a quiet residential area in the sunny San Fernando Valley just minutes from Hollywood, Burbank, and the Westside. TMOP Studios is ideal for tracking, overdubbing, and mixing. Rates are reasonable, and are negotiable for block booking.